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Business Simulation – Mission: Deadline

Project Management and Teambuilding live!

Anyone who has ever worked in a project knows the problem: Suddenly everything is different than planned!

Higher cost, lack of time and limited resources challenge the project team. In order to practice project management and to be prepared for risks, we have developed a board game that allows you to do just that.

Mission: Deadline provides the basics of project management and current project management tools in an understandable and entertaining art. In the game, participants apply the acquired theoretical knowledge and put it in concrete decisions targeted at. Thus, field-proven project managers from participants.

Project Management Simulation


During the game tasks and events happen repeatedly to make the mission into an exiting trip, that brings the participants a lot of fun and action.

In addition many risks and uncertainties await them on the planet. The participants have to expect and plan with predictable and less predictable factors. They make strategic choices such as planning budget, time, resources, risks and qualifications.


  • The participants recognize the factors of succes in Project Management and Teambuilding.
  • The participants are patrt of a project: from the beginning to the end. They are able to define, assess, plan and control a project.
  • Working in teams is fun and the participants see how successful a good working team can be!

Content (Team-building)

  • How are teams formed?
  • Stages in team development
  • Solve conflicts
  • What positions do team members occupy?
  • Two different kind of teams
  • Increase team performance
  • How should implicit and explicit rules be created?

Content (Project Management)

  • Definition of the projects
  • Project phases
  • Planning methods for complex tasks
  • Main topics of the project phases
  • Success factors involved in project work
  • Risk management
  • Typical mistakes made in project work


  • 2-5 Hours


  • 9-24