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Business Simulation – Factory

Principles of Business Management

Employees, who think entrepreneurially and understand the financial relations within the company, are the basis for a long-term success of the company.

Factory is a simulation game which simulates the situation of a company and showing the possibilities of the participants to improve the company’s performance!

Business Simulation Factory

In small groups, the participants will play the role of a management team of a manufacturing company.


  • Strengthens the entrepreneurial thinking of employees, i.e. the ability to invest time and money where the greatest success of the company lies.
  • Conveys awareness of costs to employees and the comprehension of the overall process of the company.
  • Communicates the concept of the shareholder value.
  • Teaches Business Management in an enjoyable way.

The participants are really enthusiastic about their new acquired ability to develop new
possibilities of improvement!


  • Financial economy
  • Challenges in your company
  • Lead your companies to success
  • Fixed assets, long term liabilities, financial statement including P&L
  • and Balance Sheet, Return on Assets and Cash Flow and many more
  • Reinforcing entrepreneurial thinking of participants
  • Comprehending the interdependency of production, supply and distribution
  • To understand the impact of overhead costs such as administration,
    marketing, research and development


  • 1-2 days


  • 9-24