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Business Simulation – Hospital Akut

Basic business in hospitals!

Hospitals are an important part of the country’s health care system, providing a high quality treatment with a vast network of private, public and voluntary facilities. But recent health care reforms have led to an increasing scarcity of financial resources in the hospital sector. This trend will continue to affect all sectors of the health care system. At the same time hospitals face new challenges caused by an aging population and the growing number of patients.

Employees who think entrepreneurial and who understand the financial relations within the Health Care Institution are the basis for long-term success and optimal medical service. This simulation combines economical acting with quality care.

The training begins with a short discussion: Starting from extern obligations, offered chances up to present targets concerning their daily work. The participants discuss about challenges confronted they are confronted with.

Hospital-Akut-Business Simulation-Planspiel-Krankenhaus


  • Strengthening the entrepreneurial thinking of employees, i.e. the ability to invest time and money to where the greatest success for the company lies.
  • Conveying awareness of costs to all employees and comprehension of the overall process of the company.
  • Conveying the concept of the shareholder value.
  • Business management is fun.
  • The participants are really enthusiastic about their new acquired ability to develop new possibilities for the companies improvement.

During the simulation their tasks start to change: After a general overview on hospital issues it will be now task of the participants to optimize processes using their scare resource budgets.

The participants will acquire to the economic knowledge additionally an interaktive feeling for hospital payment and future quality assurance.


  • Financial Reporting in Health Care Institutions
  • Cost – and Profitcalculation
  • General targetbudget
  • Feeling for hospital payment
  • Future quality assurance


  • 1 bis 2 days


  • 9 – 24