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Business Simulation – Car World

Business fundamentals and relations in the car industry.

Car World is a haptic business simulation developed especially for the retail car business. Car

World simulates a car selling business and the processes involved. The participants experience
how each of the 4 major functions within a car selling business contributes to the bottom line,
how the general processes within these departments work and how the bottom-line can be
influenced by certain measures.

Car World simulates a company over a two-year period. At the end of each year, the
participants draw up an annual statement of accounts, consisting of P&L account and balance
sheet, whose composition and structure are analyzed.

Car-World- Business Simulation


  • The participants get in touch with fundamental principles of business management in a playing way. They understand the principals practically which is better than theoretical learning.
  • Already during the set-up of the business simulation, the financial dimension of a car selling business becomes clear by the allocating of the coins to the different positions of assets within the business.
  • In Car World the participants experience a value added connected to interdepartmental barriers and discuss ways to improve cooperation and customer satisfaction.

Specific and company specific ratios and figures can easily be imported due to the adjustable
design of this simulation.


  • Gross Margin on Sales
  • Allowances on Sales/List Price
  • Capital Turnover
  • Standing Times of cars
  • Daily Cost of Capital
  • Return on Sales, Return on Capital
  • Revenue per Employee
  • Overhead costs

The initial situation

In front of you is the model of an automobile retail business. In the past this company was very successful and turned out good profit. The situation has changed in the last couple of years. Competition has become increasingly more difficult, causing a decline in business results. As part of the new management team of an automobile company, it is up to you to implement measures to help get its business back on track

Your task: „Lead your company back to success!“


  • 1 to 2 days


  • 9 to 24


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