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Business Simulation – Service World

Business know-how for service companies!

Services are predominantly rendered individually by order and are – in contrast to the most non-cash benefits – not storable. This fact requires coordinated business processes and competent employees from the service enterprises.

The game Service World simulates the business processes in a simplified set up service enterprise. Compete successfully in the competition!

Planspiel Service-World-Planspiel-Spielbrett-Handel

The simulation teaches business know-how and process-oriented thinking designed for employees and managers of service companies.


  • Conciliation of economical fundamentals
  • Strengthening of entrepreneurial thinking of the employees
  • An atmosphere of departure occurs; economic makes fun; concrete measures for the enlargement of the success of the company are defined
  • Beside the skills, the ambit-spanned thinking and action is encouraged

Business simulations transfer knowledge in a sustainable and interesting way, so that the participants will have a lasting memory.


  • Fundamentals of economics
  • Balance Sheet
  • Profit and loss statement
  • Cash flow and liquidity
  • Concrete actions to increase the company’s success
  • Trans-sectoral thinking will be improved

Initial situation

In front of you is the model of a service company. In the past this company was very successful and profitable. The situation has changed in the last couple of years. Competition has become increasingly more difficult, causing a decrease in economic results.

As the Chairman of the board of directors, it is up to you to implement measures to help Service World get its business back on track.

You have the tasks to lead your company to success!