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Business Simulation – Real Estate Manager

Economics for the real estate industry

The Real Estate Manager is a business game, that simulates the financial controlling and the economical connections within the real estate industry.

This simulation activates the participants to…

  • make independant economical decisions in typical situations of real estate industry ( such as construction, rent, maintance, sale etc.)
  • recognize the effects of their decisions concerning the company‘s success.
  • make their own contributions and recognize econmocial chances.
Business Simulation-Real Estate-Profi-BTI-Planspiel

Real estate manager provides a very graphic way to learn specific business management  fundamentals.


  • Fundamental economic relations in the real estate industry
  • Profit / loss statement and balance sheet
  • Liquidity and cash flow
  • Construction, leasing, maintenance, sale
  • Financing, accrued liability
  • Real estate management
  • Stakeholder value, waste circulation
  • Investment calculation


  • 1 – 2 days


  • 9-24