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Business Simulation – Global Strategy

The General Management Simulation

Global Strategy is a competition based business simulation, to teach economical knowledge and entrepreneurial thinking.

In this business simulation up to six companies compete on the world market. Teams of 3-6 Persons play the role of the top management in each company. The management team has the task to lead its company into success and to increase the value of the company.

The simulation Global Strategy is an efficient method to teach and develop business understanding. The participants learn from their experiences which they made during the simulation.

Business Simulation-Global Strategy-Planspiel


  • Reinforces the entrepreneurial thinking in a global environment
  • The participants experience the impact of strategic management on the success
  • The participants get know the influencing factors for growth, sales, product development,
    production and finance
  • The participants learn to keep an eye on the whole company making decisions
  • The participants will be able to read and analyze budgets and reports as well as to
    understand the financial structure of the company
  • Encourages team work

All companies start up with one product at the beginning, doing business limited to the domestic
market. It’s now up to each company, to choose a strategy which will lead to successful using the
opportunities available. Therefore following questions has to be answered as follows:

  • Into which markets do we want to sell our products?
  • Which new products must be developed?
  • Which manufacturing technology should be acquired?
  • How do we work together with our suppliers?
  • How do you price your products?
  • How should the growth be financed?

The Initial Situation

As of today you are part of the new management team of Global Strategy Inc. In the past this
company was very successful and turned out a good profit. However, competition has be-come
more difficult, causing a decline in economic results. As a member of Global Strategy´s new
management team you will now assume responsibility for future results.

Your task is now to lead your company back to success!


  • 1-2 days


  • 9-24