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Business Simulation – Know-how Limited

The HR-Simulation with draft!

The Know-how of the employees are the main factor of success in a company. In the simulation Know-how Limited you have the task to get qualified staff, to keep them and adapt
their competences. The profitability of the company are supposed to increase sustainable by pursuing a precise HR-strategy.

Know-how Limited is a haptic business simulation in that process the participants are leading a Know-how-company . Up to four companies are competing against each other for projects and employees. The participants are learning ludically how their HR-decisions are affecting different departments of their company and the business success.

Know-how-Limited-HR Business Simulation-Planspiel-BTI

The Human Resource management of a company has to react on diverse external effects as
demographical changes and cultural differences, to attract qualified staff.


  • Conveyance of business basics through fun and game.
  • The participants are experiencing the process of added value in a project organization.
  • They learn to keep a lid on the whole company while making decisions.
  • The participants are experiencing effect of their HR decisions on the whole company.
  • There is going to shine a light on the Balance sheet, P&L, Cash Flow and other financial indicators
    and discuss their magnitude of influence.
  • The participants learn to make decisions autonomously and to organize their team.

A company has to mind especially the individual decision criterion of potential employees, which have a intense effect on the decision of an employer. As a member of the top  management, the participants has the possibility to structure the HR strategy of the company corresponding to the decision criteria. They ought to attract and to keep them for the long term by a purposeful employer branding.

Managerial decisions are:

  • Which employees with which qualifications are needed to process projects?
  • How can we get qualifications – by new employees or vocational education and training?
  • By which decision criteria are people influenced in their job choice?
  • Which options has a company within the employer branding?
  • What is the effect of fluctuation in a company?
  • What is the career cycle of an employee?


  • 2 bis 3 days


  • 9-24