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Ready, Set, Go!

Project Management and Team Development – in real time!


During the simulation Ready, Set, Go! the participants form a team to design and build a fluid delivery system using a pump and coloured water. Mastering this task the teams experience a learning process.

Working together as a team, finding solutions, managing a project, leading a group of motivated people, engaging with a demanding customer, negotiate on a win-win basis, all this is a part of the game!




Participants learn how to:

  • lead teams.
  • identify problems early and
  • solve them.
  • work more efficiently in
  • complex
  • environments.
  • communicate better.
  • learn and apply PM-tools and
  • methods.
  • negotiate with customers.

The simulation

With this simulation, participants work on a complete project, from the very beginning to the very end. Participants design and build a complete system, which require coloured coolants to be filled into empty fire extinguishers. They use equipments such as tubes, pipes, valves, scissors and a pump!

The system must meet customer requirements – that of the Company Minova, who checks the outcome at the end of the day.

On the first day, the team develops the project to create and build the fire-fighting system. Additionally, the team receives theoretical input dealing with project management besides an analysis on the behaviour of the teams.

Leadership of groups, motivation of people, integration skills and strong and clear communication are some of the vital skills for project managers to secure a cooperative working environment even in highstress situations. Participants learn how to:

  • Implement project faster with less friction using easy-to-handle tools
  • identify resistance and problems early and solve them
  • work more efficiently in complex environmen
  • communicate better building their personal communication skill


Basic methodology of project management:

  • Terminology and concepts
  • Definition of projects
  • Definition of milestones
  • Budgeting
  • Control of progress
  • Planning of projects
  • Calculation and organisation of projects

Basic skills team management:

  • Facilitation
  • Team development
  • Speech and communication
  • The seminar can be customized to meet the trainees needs based on their previous exposure and experience.

Target Groups

  • Executives and employees who manage projects, lead teams and want to improve their capabilities
  • Project teams that start to work together and want to develop their own strategies
  • Already existing teams that want to check their cooperation and working methods and possibly redefine their ways to work more effectively
  • All employees who intend to work in projects.


  • 2 days


  • 9-24