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Holistic entrepreneurial solutions handling complex structures!

Leadership & Performance is a business simulation for the intervention of holistic entrepreneurial solutions when handling complex structures.

In this board game the company (Paper Plane Limited) which produces and sells aircrafts is simulated. Every participant receives a new identity: general manager, production manager, foreman of materials management, manager of quality, manager of controlling etc. Every role entails concrete functions.

In two game-periods, each with an operative and a strategic phase, strategies and measure are developed and discussed to achieve the company’s targets. This requires an analysis of the strengths and weaknesses of the organization including top-management and executive behavioral patterns.

Simulation Leadership & Performance


The duration of Leadership & Performance depends on the amount of theory you want to include in the simulation. The different theory topics can be individually combined.

Leadership topics

• Change Management
• Target Agreement
• Effective communication / feedback
• Conflict Management
• Relationship Management
• Situational Leadership
• Management Style
• Eisberg Modell

Performance topics

• Process Optimization
• Continuous Improvement Process
• Ishikawa Modell
• Effective communication / feedback
• Use of scarce resources
• Dealing with pressure
• Process and Quality Management
• Relationship Management

Initial Situation

In this simulation a company is represented – the Paper Plane Limited. They produce and sell airplanes. Every participant of the team takes a new identity: CEO, Head of Production, Department Manger etc.

A team constists of 10 to 20 participants..

Leadership & Performance Simulation

After the first round there will be the following problems and challenges for the participants:

• Learn about & include into a new process
• Problems with suppliers
• Quality problems in the manufacturing
• Problems in the intersection points manufacturing and administration
• Time pressure
• Innovation pressure
• Delivery problems
• Conflicts in the organization
• Communication problems

The task of the participants is to solve those problems with their gained knowledge. For the seconds round they have to enforce strategic and operative changes.


  • 2 days


  • 12-20